Angie Vereecke is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She works to enrich lives by helping people improve their nutritional roots. With strong nutritional roots providing the foundation of your health, you will feel better and be more energized!

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Hi.  I’m Angie.  Married with two boys.  Living in mid-Michigan on a mini-modern-homestead with chickens, dogs, and a cat.  I love, love, love working outside and getting my hands dirty.  My gardens have evolved over the years and now combine edible foods with perennial flowers and annual plants.  


I have always had a drive towards the health field.  Staying strong, fit, and healthy has consistently been a priority and - on the flip side - a struggle as life progressed and changed. 

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Exercise and being active is how I clear my head and feel better about my life and the world.  Eating healthy provides my body the strength and nutrition to do those things.  We all have stressors that challenge our focus on staying healthy!  I try to incorporate daily habits that support my health and, if I forget a habit on a particular day, I jump back on the next day.  I am choosing to treat my body well!

Lifelong health includes understanding the physiology of the body!  Figuring out how to support one’s health internally through nutritional supports AND externally through lifestyle supports can help one to feel better and have more energy.

I am an educator by trade and by passion.  I spent the first part of my professional life educating children, young adults, and adults.  It was fun, challenging, and allowed me to continue to learn and grow.  I was fortunate with jobs educating for museums, zoos, a botanical garden, and the public school system.  I loved being a part of the educating community and the energy that surrounds it.  


As life progressed, events happened that took a toll on my well-being. The stress started to physically manifest in my body.  I found it harder to maintain respiratory health, became sick easily, struggled with energy management, and found myself at the hospital with - what I thought - were heart issues.  Despite food changes and exercising, it seemed I had hit a brick wall with my health.  I was frustrated and overwhelmed with these health struggles and in the summer of 2017, I decided it was time for a change. 

In 2017, I began work at a Chiropractic Wellness Center as an assistant and worked towards certifications of corrective exercise and fitness nutrition.  I loved this new job and soaked up as much information as possible!  Finally, I discovered the Nutritional Therapy Association and was so excited about this program because it challenged me to meet rigorous standards and required I demonstrate this knowledge in a variety of ways.  It provided a strong foundation in anatomy and physiological science and integrated functional assessments throughout the learning process!  
Lifelong health includes understanding the physiology of the body!  Figuring out how to support one’s health internally through nutritional supports AND externally through lifestyle supports can help create one to feel better and have more energy.   
I am committed to continuing and expanding my knowledge of the body and how to support it nutritiously.  In June of 2021, I  graduated from Restorative Wellness Solutions’ Level 1 Digestion program.  This certification allows me to create very targeted gastrointestinal (GI) healing protocols for clients using information gathered from GI laboratories. 


Angie received her Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) certificate from the Nutritional Therapy Association. She uses that knowledge in combination with her Restorative Wellness Practitioner Level 1 training, Corrective Exercise Specialist certification, and education background to create a unique healing plan for each client.

Honoring a person’s bioindividuality will help identify imbalances and provide specific information to establish a plan that will support the body’s foundational roots and healing processes to restore homeostasis. 

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What does Angie do as an FNTP?

FNTP’s help people connect how they feel with the foods (or drinks, supplements, etc.) entering their body.  We gather information to support the healing processes in the body so homeostasis can be restored.  Basically - bring balance to your Foundational Roots so you can feel better and more energized!

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  • Intake / History Documents

  • Food Journal

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Your Nutritional Concerns

  • Functional Evaluation

  • Clinical Evaluation

  • Personal Lab Requests

In combination, these information pieces will help US work together to create unique nutritional and lifestyle goals to support your Foundational Roots and a better feeling YOU!

Possible goals we might create together include:

  • adding good, whole foods to your meals or snacks

  • increasing water intake

  • eliminating aggravating foods

  • using temporary supplements

  • changing sleep patterns

  • integrating 'deal with' techniques for life stressors (not just the 'I am so stressed out' ones)

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