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Feed Your Pregnant Body™ is a guided comprehensive 6-week program prioritizing a whole food approach. This program combines nutrition education and small group support into a powerful way to educate you during a very important time in life.

Sessions scheduled at your convenience!

Some positive outcomes that past Feed Your Pregnant Body™ participants have shared:

The Restart® program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy, reduce inflammation, and eliminate sugar cravings. When you sign up for this program, you are dedicating yourself to five weeks of real food, real learning, and real support giving you REAL results.  Discover how good you can feel!

  • ​Six Classes scheduled with your pregnancy in mind

  • Nutritional Education

  • Small Group Support

  • Printable curriculum to support your journey IN class and BEYOND

  • RESTART® Cookbook

  • Water bottle

  • Mid-class newsletters with extra tips, recipes, and information

  • Support during class and between classes!

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This week is all about PREPARATION and planning. We will talk about what to expect from the program, and how to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for your successful REAL FOOD challenge.You’ll set your intentions for the program, and lastly you’ll receive a foods list which will guide you on what to eat and what not to eat throughout RESTART®.


This week is all about DIGESTION. Healthy digestion is critical - how is yours? Find out how it’s designed to work and how to optimize your digestion to get the most out of your healthy diet


This week is all about BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION. This week we will learn how your body responds to excess sugar and refined carbs, and how to get off the sugar rollercoaster.


This week is all about quality dietary FATS.  We unveil the truth about dietary fats and why healthy fats are essential to your diet. Learn which ones to enjoy, which ones to avoid and why.


YOU DID IT! This week is all about MOVING FORWARD! You can move forward with your success and keep feeling great.  Learn how to integrate the tools and skills you’ve acquired through The RESTART® Program.

Upcoming Sessions

The Next RESTART® class will begin January, 2022! 

ONLINE: Monday evenings (January 17, 24, 31 and February 7, 14)
5:30 - 7:00 pm (EST)
Zoom Class


IN-PERSON: Wendesday mornings (January 19, 26 and February 2, 9, 16)
10:30 - 12:00 pm
Kribs Chiropractic and Wellness Center, East Lansing, MI

What my clients have to say about RESTART!®

While participating in and since completing RESTART, I’ve learned a whole new way of eating! I feel better than ever, I have more energy, and my gut is thanking me!

- Andrea T.

The cookbook was extremely helpful and I liked almost every recipe that I tried! I also use the water bottle every single day. This was a great experience and I'm very grateful for everything that I learned. In addition to my personal successes, I feel like I learned how to be a better mom by helping my family be healthier as well.

- Meghan R.

Angie does a great job.  She is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm makes the class exciting.  She answered all my questions very thoroughly.  Would recommend the class to anybody who is serious about learning to eat healthier!

- Jim R.

I LOVED the cookbook! Also loved the curriculum, it had clear information in it.  Cutting out the food items was tough, but also easy in many ways. It kept things simple.  Be kind to yourself and go for progress, not perfection!

- Sabrina A.

I liked the program and its intimacy (class size).  It gave me focus as to what I had been doing - and gave me tools to move forward!

- CJ L.

The "Restart" class was much more than I ever imagined!  I thought I was pretty well educated on health.  But I learned so much about all the benefits of certain fats compared to other fats and how journaling really makes you more aware of what you are doing and why you do it.  The journaling lets you see how much or little you are staying active.  And, when you record what you put into your body, you are more aware of what's affecting you.  The conversations and input from other class members are so beneficial- I learned a lot from just listening to them.  If you can do ONE thing for yourself, take Angie's class, you will never regret it, and more importantly, you will feel so much better.

- Jean R.

My husband and I did the RESTART Program for the first time together and we really enjoyed the experience and the information we obtained from it!  The class really helped us examine our eating patterns and discover what wasn’t working for us any longer, especially as we are getting older. We were surprised at how - in a short time span - we noticed improvements in our digestion and overall well being. This was great because it made it easy to have the changes become more permanent even after the program was over. Being part of a class was awesome because it offered us support and feelings of comfort that we weren’t doing it alone. Our instructor also aided with that and was very informative and motivating. Definitely worth it and would recommend trying it to see what a difference it can make for you. 

- Marion  & Graham N.

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