Taking the leap towards new lifestyle habits is a big deal! I can help educate you about which nutritional and lifestyle changes can support your Foundational Roots!

At Nutritional Roots Wellness, we support your foundational roots using nutritious supports that honor your bioindividuality.  Lifestyle and nutrition goals will be created, always keeping the whole YOU in mind.  

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Our conversations are so important - your feedback will help drive this process forward!  A variety of documents provide a wealth of information about how you are feeling and what’s happening on-the-inside.  There are intake documents that kick-off our time together, evaluative documents that reveal imbalances, and functional lab documents (which, you request from specific companies) that provide objective information for your body’s analysis.

This information will help US work together to create unique nutritional and lifestyle goals to support your Foundational Roots and a better feeling YOU!

Possible goals we might create together include:

  • adding good, whole foods to your meals or snacks

  • increasing water intake

  • eliminating aggravating foods

  • using temporary supplements

  • changing sleep patterns

  • integrating 'deal with' techniques for life stressors (not just the 'I am so stressed out' ones)

Step 1:

Book a FREE Consultation 

A 15-minute Phone, Zoom, or in-person consultation with Angie

Cost: FREE

During this consultation,  I learn about you, you learn more about me, and we decide if this is a good fit.  After this consultation, you decide whether or not you’d like to move on to Step 2: the Nutritional Evaluation. 

Step 2:

The Nutritional Evaluation

2 appointments (60-90 minutes each)

Cost: $199


The first appointment will take 60-90 minutes.  For this appointment, you will complete three important documents.  We talk about your health situation and your concerns!  My goal is to gather as much information as I can to develop a nutritional recommendation plan. At the second appointment (3-7 days later) we will discuss my evaluation of the intake documents you provided and recommendations.  You will walk away with individualized nutritional and lifestyle goals that meet your comfort level AND support your foundational roots.  I will provide you with information and guidance to help balance out your health!

Step 3:
Extended Support of your Nutritional Roots

Packages Available

Costs vary based on services and appointment times

After your Nutritional Evaluation with Nutritional Roots Wellness, you may want to extend your nutritional support.  If so, we will come up with a plan that fits your goals and schedule AND that continues to support your foundational roots.  The cost of this extended nutritional support of your Foundational Roots will vary based on the number of visits you require and services integrated into the package.

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Unsure which Nutritional Service is right for you? Schedule a FREE consultation with Angie for more information!

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